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Funky and fierce, Laura Thomas is a musician with a sound like no one else in the industry.  She combines the power of rock and funk with probing lyrics and emotional songwritng.  Laura sings with Ani Difranco's tell-it-like-it-is defiance, Grace Potter’s sheer, clear power, and the insight of Patty Griffin. The result is an audio-shock of emotional truth.

The Village Voice has praised Laura for her "thick-skinned song-poems in jazzoid rhythms." The Washington Post said that "Her voice is capable of tracing melodies as sinuous as the Rock Creek Parkway, and she has a soft spot for writing tender, compassionate or introspective ballads that help set her apart from the rant'n'roll crowd."

Laura has taken the stage across the country, from San Francisco to New York, packing to the hilt such prestigious venues as the Rockwood Music Hall (New York), Uncommon Ground (Chicago) and Red Devil Lounge (San Francisco), among others. 

In 2002 Laura co-produced her first album, "On My Sleeve," followed by her 2004 release, "Slow."  In September 2005, Laura released her first full-band album, "Step to the Wire, and in October 2008, the band released a live album, “Live at Rockwood.”  Laura’s fifth album will be released in early 2013, and will feature a more indie folk sound than her previous endeavors.  All of Laura’s albums have been financed by her dedicated fan base. 

Laura's biting, crafty lyrics, massive voice, and passionate, proficient band make for an emotionally charged show.
Booking: or (917) 817-3319

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